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More products can be listed in the ‘additional details’ section. Also, if you fill the form in completely, the written quote we email or fax back to you can be signed and returned to start your order. A time-saver if you have a tight deadline to meet! Most order ship within 24-36 hrs.
NOTE: We carry folding tables, folding chairs, and more carts on our other websites, such as You can simply list a description and quantity of the other items you need below in the ‘additional info’ field, and we will quote them for you as well, including shipping cost. It will save you $$ on shipping.
Quote requests require the ship-to zip code so we can figure out freight cost for you. Don’t forget phone# and email address! We keep all information private.

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We respond to our web requests as quickly as possible, even during heavy call volume. Usually in 10-45 minutes. If your need is critical, please call us our toll free number listed below.